Work With JB Funding Solutions

Do you have experience in the field as an insurance broker? Do you have a list of referrals whom you know would benefit from the services provided by JB Funding Solutions? We love working with others to assist businesses in expanding and thriving and offer a referral and broker program for you to do just that.

Benefits of Our Referral Program

The referrals program with JB Funding Solutions offers several benefits:

  • You receive commission and referral fees when we fund an agreement, regardless of how large the project is.
  • We offer protection for our brokers and referrals in the form of upfront fee disclosures and prompt payments upon closing on a deal.
  • We offer reciprocal referrals if your clients return to us.
  • We create continuing relationships of the highest quality with our brokers.

Working for JB Funding Solutions

Occasionally, our company hires permanent employees to work in sales positions all over the country. Our employees receive excellent commissions and work on teams with other talented and skilled business insurance professionals. You can work from anywhere you’d like as we are committed to helping you feel fulfilled in your career and in your future and we understand that part of fulfillment is enjoying your surroundings.

When we look for new insurance professionals to add to our team, we consider more than your education and experience in the insurance industry. We are looking for people who are confident and friendly. A good insurance professional should also be funny and personable in order to keep clients interested in services. You should be able to stay motivated and maintain an organized workspace and flow. Our team members must understand how to create a maintain a client relationship.

Ask for More Information

To learn more about partnering with us at JB Funding Solutions, contact us today. We look forward to making you our next team member.