Building Your Business with Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

How is your credit profile? If you have good personal and business credit but do not have unsecured business lines of credit, you’re missing out on an excellent way to fund your business with the help of JB Funding Solutions.

Benefits of Unsecured Lines of Credit

Receiving an unsecured line of credit from JB Funding Solutions offers several benefits:

  • You do not need collateral to be approved
  • Interest rates as low as 0 percent for introductory offers and averaging 1 percent to 5 percent for larger lines of credit
  • No subprime loans

Startup Businesses vs. Established Businesses

If you own a startup company, you can still benefit from a line of credit. If the business doesn’t yet have established revenue, you or a business partner must have a good credit score to be approved. You can typically receive between $25,000 and $50,000 to use for your company. Established businesses are considered those with revenue of at least $1 million. If your company falls into this category, you could be approved for up to $500,000 in credit.

What to Use It For

Your business credit can be used for a range of reasons. Use it to purchase inventory, pay for extra employee training, remodel your property or even just to have in case of an emergency.

Schedule Your Consultation

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