Use a Small Business Loan to Improve Your Business

Are you ready to finance your business? The Small Business Loan Program provides traditional SBA loans to a variety of businesses that qualify. When applying for a loan via JB Funding Solutions, you receive a response to your application quite quickly.

How to Qualify

JB Funding Solutions searches for several factors when determining if your company would be a good fit for the small business loan application. One of the most important factors is your company’s cash flow history and how well you are managing that flow. Good credit is also important.

Benefits of SBA Loans

Being approved for an SBA loan provides several benefits for you and your company.

  • You can be prequalified in about two days
  • You will receive up to 80 percent financing
  • Pay back your amortized loan in about 15 years
  • You receive no penalties for making early payments

If approved, you can receive an amount of up to $5 million, depending on the size of your business and quality of your application.

Types of Businesses

Nearly any type of business can benefit from a small business loan. Whether you run a car dealership, own a hotel or operate a child care facility, use the money to renovate your property, purchase new equipment, refinance, expand, hire new employees or for any other reason you see fit.

Equipment Financing

SBA loans from our company also cover equipment financing. Use it to finance tools, medical equipment, diagnostic equipment and more. This is especially useful if you work in an industry where equipment is often updated with new technology, leaving old pieces to become obsolete very quickly.

Apply Now

If you believe a small business loan is right for you company, get in touch with the team at JB Funding Solutions. We can walk you through the application process and find the best loan repayment terms possible for you.