Save Your Job With Purchase Order Financing Options

Do you have a large order to process? Are you having trouble purchasing the inventory you need to complete it? Inability to fill an order due to lack of funds can cause your business to get a bad reputation, but purchase order financing from JB Funding Solutions can help.

How It Works

Purchase order funding is typically beneficial for distributors, resellers, wholesalers or other companies that provide a large amount of product to other businesses or individuals at one time. If you qualify for order funding, JB Funding Solutions will pay for the inventory you need to fulfill your order. While funding won’t always cover 100 percent of the order, it will usually cover a large portion of it. This option is perfect for startups that don’t yet have the cash flow of more established businesses.

Benefits of Funding

Working with JB Funding Solutions to take care of your inventory order offers several benefits:

  • No risk of increasing your debt or sacrificing equity to complete orders and grow your business
  • Ensure your customers receive their orders on time
  • Receiving funding is fast and payment terms are flexible
  • Boost your profits as you fulfill larger customer orders
  • Expand your share of the market

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