Healthcare Facilities Can Benefit From Financing Options

Do you own your own medical practice? Whether you are a general doctor, a dentist or even a veterinarian, healthcare financing can be beneficial to your business. You can use the working capital you receive for a variety of projects, including expanding or improving your practice, acquiring another’s practice or even financing new medical equipment.

Consolidating Debt

Is your practice in debt? Are you having trouble keeping track of which payments are due when and how much interest you owe for each? JB Funding Solutions can help you consolidate your debt and make one low monthly payment to make it easier to keep track of things.

Practice Acquisitions

Perhaps you’re buying out a partner. Maybe you’ve decided to merge your practice with another one in the area to better benefit the community. Regardless of your reasoning, we can finance qualified medical professionals.

Working Capital Loans

Does your practice need capital to create a better experience for your clients? Our healthcare financing offers several benefits:

  • Never pay anything upfront
  • Use it for a wide variety of reasons
  • No reporting to your personal credit
  • Terms of up to 72 months

Leasing Medical Equipment

Medical equipment can be expensive to purchase upfront, but leasing offers several benefits. Not only can you save money by choosing from a range of payment options, but you can even upgrade equipment as needed at little to no extra cost.

Make Your Practice Better

To start improving your medical practice, get in touch with JB Funding Solutions to start your loan application.