Save Money by Financing Your Business Equipment

Regardless of the type of business you own, you probably require a range of equipment options to create your products or serve your customers. Unfortunately, business equipment can be quite expensive out of pocket and isn’t always an expense an up-and-coming company can afford. Fortunately, JB Funding Solutions offers equipment financing options to meet your needs.

Applying for Equipment Financing

We can finance equipment ranging from your computers and necessary software to large pieces of construction equipment and back again. Typically, an application is approved within 24 hours, although large-ticket items can take between three and five days. Ask us about our interest rates and long-term loan repayment options with little to no down payment.

Why You Should Consider Leasing

Equipment leasing provides all the benefits of owning your own business equipment, but doesn’t possess as much of the hassle. Leasing equipment leaves your cash free so that you can work on business projects like expansion, advertising or hiring new employees. Because leasing allows you to upgrade your equipment as new models become available, you will not have to worry about working with obsolete equipment. In addition to preserving your existing credit line and offer low monthly payments, equipment financing may provide you with tax and accounting advantages for your company.

What We Offer

One of the most popular options at JB Funding Solutions is our sales and lease back program, which allows you to sell us your equipment and then lease it back, using the money on other business ventures. You regain ownership of the equipment once you pay off the lease. We also provide equipment leasing options to a wide range of federal businesses, including:

  • Federal government agencies
  • Libraries
  • State agencies
  • Firehouses
  • Public schools
  • Police departments
  • Armed service buildings

Find Out More

To find out if equipment financing is right for your business, contact JB Funding Solutions today.