Get More Budget Flexibility With Consumer Financing for Your Business

JB Funding Solutions wants to provide financing to your business regardless of its size. Whether you’re just starting out or an established business that would like to bring in more customers, consumer finance is an excellent way to do just that. Check out the many benefits.

What Is Consumer Financing?

Consumer finance options allow you to provide a store credit card to your qualifying customers. Offering your clients a credit card allows you to establish customer loyalty, build better brand awareness, encourage repeat customers and provide financing options.

How Your Customers Benefit

Providing your customers with a credit card option offers plenty of benefits for them.

  • Easy application process with fast approval
  • Dependable and secure financial services
  • Access to a revolving line of credit for your store
  • Convenient payment plans over a period of time

How You Benefit

Of course, consumer financing options benefit your company as well. Customers who have a credit card for your company will be more likely to shop at it. On the backend, you’ll receive fast decisions for your clients, excellent customer support and training and E-Signature solutions. JB Funding Solutions even goes after bad debt collections.

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