Options for Financing Your Commercial Property

To properly run your business, you need commercial property to use as a storefront or to use as a space to create your product. JB Funding Solutions offers a wide range of commercial real estate financing options for you to choose from, whether you need $100,000, $1 million or more to get your business off the ground.

Bridge Loans Are Common

Our bridge loans are one of our most common financing options for commercial real estate. This short-term real estate loan option allows you to improve your property for your business. The terms typically lost between six months and one year and you can get up to $100 million.

Other Financing Options

Although bridge loans are common, we at JB Funding Solutions provide several other financing options for your commercial property needs.

  • Equity financing: We can use this to tailor your financing to your situation. These are best for high net worth investors.
  • SBA loans: Created for owner-occupied properties and hotels, we offer competitive terms for these long-term loans.
  • International financing: Ask us how we can help you finance your international expansion.
  • Construction financing: Allow us to help you finance your construction financing.
  • CMBS loans: We can fund commercial mortgage backed securities loans, which allow you to put your commercial properties into a pool, transfer them to your trust and finally, sell bonds to investors.
  • HUD and FHA lending: These loans are an option for new construction of multifamily housing, hospitals and other healthcare facilities and provide fixed rates and full amortization.
  • Conventional loan programs: Conventional loans are available for up to $100 million and common for industrial parks and owner-occupied real estate.

Apply for Your Loan Today

Let JB Funding Solutions help you determine which loan is right for you and set you on the path to financing your commercial real estate. Contact us today to begin the application process.